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With a beautiful appreciation from idea to implementation in a short time, we design and manufacture high quallity wooden products where metal and plastic prevail....

choice of wood
We are on top and know how to choose high quality wood from around the world that is chopped at the right time, so we can claim the quality that has been shown over the years.
The begining of designing
How to properly advise the client. Pencil and paper project for better gear...
Computer designing
Make a project drawn on paper or scanned with a 3D scanner the correct model until the machine produces a 3D model...
Shipping info
We provide carefree delivery when an order is placed and verified. After the shippment has been made, we will email your tracking number....

a little about us

Different flavors build the company into better products. At the beginning of hearing the client's desired project timely choice of wood.

The first coarse hand-drawn plans are then modeled into 3d re-discoting if something can be fixed.

Adapting the 3d model to the correct cnc cutting machine. Extremely up-to-date shipment of products to various places around the world.

The company is trusted,

secure and professional,

With many years of knowledge in the production of wood products and computer design.

Hunting details
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